Over two trillion luxury products have been purchased within the last two decades. Due to the wide gap between luxury suppliers and online retailers, many individuals are not reaping the benefits of the luxury market. With our advanced AI technology and reliable strategies, we have managed to bridge this gap and solve the broken process.


LUXSENS is an AI-powered technology designed to connect luxury merchants to consumers around the world.

  • LUXSENS AI is creating next generation AI technology to boost new business services within the luxury sector. We are the only technology company who have created a global price index of this magnitude.

  • LUXSENS B2C is a ‘beta’ platform that connects new and secondhand luxury merchants to consumers across the globe. Our content consists of reports and analysis on the sales and prices of luxury products and educational and lifestyle-related reading material for our users.

    The content on the B2C platform will drive users to LUXSENS e-commerce, where they will be able to view specially curated products.

    Consumers will have the option to purchase goods and have them shipped to their address, or they can reserve the product online and pick it up in person.

    The B2C platform gives consumers the chance to purchase their desired luxury products while saving up to half of the original price.

  • LUXSENS B2B is an exclusive drop-ship program where luxury merchants can sell their products directly to online retailers from all over the world. Our sophisticated AI technology tracks pricing of over 350,000 SKUs from 500 luxury suppliers situated in 19 different countries. Once the information gained through the LUXSENS AI technology is analyzed, classified, and processed, luxury merchants will receive results that will assist them with optimizing conversion and sales.
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Luxury products have been designed to last for decades; heirlooms cherished by families from generation to generation.The luxury market differs to the traditional buy-sell-dispose consumer model because it promotes sustainability. Luxury products are not created to for a short period. They are crafted for a lifetime.

LUXSENS values the heritage of luxury brands, hence the creation of this sustainable luxury AI Company.LUXSENS is dedicated to playing a part in keeping the luxury market alive for decades – and even centuries – to come.


Kenny Au, CEO of LUXSENS

  • Recycle: Building awareness of the second-hand market for luxury goods.

  • Reinvent: Creating AI technology that is designed to connect luxury merchants to consumers.

  • Revive: Creating a sustainable luxury company that honors the legacy of luxury brands across the globe.
A major part of our company’s vision is “The three R’s: Recycle. Reinvent. Revive”.
For any business or brand to remain successful, it needs to be sustainable. We have come to a point in the world where sustainability is a must. For sustainability to be attained, AI-powered technology must be incorporated into the way businesses, and brands operate. LUXSENS has made this step easier for many luxury merchants through the technology we have created. We have managed to bridge the gap between luxury merchants and consumers from all over the world.


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We believe that it is our calling to help luxury suppliers with the best digital data they need to optimize their product sales. We also ensure that our vendors provide top-notch customer service by delivering high-quality products – what the consumers see online is what they will receive.

We provide up-to-date inventory reports, upload-able spreadsheets with all pricing, descriptions, hi-resolution photography, and shipping in two business days – unless stated otherwise. You will be kept up-to-date on every part of the process.  Once an item has been shipped and insured, tracking information is promptly provided, and all deliveries are signed for by the recipients.

Trends, technology, and even sources are always progressing. We have an experienced team that can adapt to the rapidly shifting changes as our industry evolves.  We pride ourselves in making sure we stay on top of the latest market updates.

Our team is familiar with the particular needs of larger drop ship accounts, and all of them can drop ship direct to your customer. Our distribution channels tend to set the trend for the rest of the industry. In many ways, we look at these changes as challenges and use our extensive knowledge of our vendors and our upper management contacts to work to find a solution that will meet your needs.

Please be aware that we are extremely selective about who we work with – LUXSENS has a top reputation to maintain. Developing an online distribution channel requires a serious commitment from the suppliers, technology, and e-commerce retailers.

The luxury resale market lacks reliable services. Consumers are afraid of spending money on counterfeit or low-quality products – especially on C2C platforms.
LUXSENS has managed to take care of this problem.

We go to great measures to verify the products that our suppliers provide. Consumers are assured that our suppliers are all legitimate within our network.
When products are mailed out from the suppliers to you or your end customers, every product is strapped with security tape to ensure that the merchandise safely arrives at your destination and products will be altered or switched during transit.

Saving Staff Time, Money
Our efficient system allows you to channel your staff's focus towards more profitable ventures. Instead of getting caught up in the incorrect product or inventory information – which is a major problem for some supplier-retail systems – you can pay attention to optimizing your sales, improving customer service, etc. 

Painless Updates
We have devised a simple, yet flexible system to handle product and inventory updates. When you add product or inventory information the first time, you won't have to do it again.

Suppliers Overview
We alleviate your heavy workload by helping your organization build an efficient drop-ship program while managing your online business for you.

Data Services
•      LUXSENS collects, ranks, and enhances our suppliers’ product data.
•      Our catalog system is specifically designed to help your organization share product data such as product code, model number, price, color, size, style, and e-commerce marketing information with your online retailers. 
•      Then delivers it to our channel partners from one centralized location.

•      We visually walk merchants through a supplier’s entire catalog for enhanced branding and improved sales.

•      Increased sales channels and revenue.
•      Reduced inefficiencies.
•      Loaded, updated and shared item data with multiple online retailers.
•      Minimize manual item re-entry and data management.
•      Store unlimited digital assets and product attribute needed for your online catalog.

•      Connecting to new and trusted suppliers.
•      Online retailers receive live inventory updates and feed without the need to invest in stock.
•      All orders can be fulfilled directly to your warehouse or your end-customers.。

Enriched Data
•      Retailers within the LUXSENS Network can easily review and receive product data feeds optimized by LUXSENS.
•      Three language translations. English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese.
•      Qualified Online Retailers can easily integrate with LUXSENS AI Digital Data feed - a file that contains product information. The file is saved in an easily accessible and editable format (.XLS or .CSV or API).

Product Data and Images Management
•      The LUXSENS Catalog collects, standardizes, and validates all product and image data before it is sent to retailers; ensuring that retailers receive digital assets that are approved and reliable.LUXSENS is perfectly capable of managing and distributing large volumes of product data to any sales channels that need it.


-      Help enlarge our online retailers’ supply base.
-      Link consumers with the most reputable luxury goods suppliers.
-      Ensure that all digital product information is up to date and displayed on every online catalog correctly.
-      Help increase order conversion through our data and image optimization.
-      Ensure that all orders are fulfilled successfully.
-      Ensure that our clients’ names become reputable through having a reliable supply chain.