VIP Station – 5 Brands That Will Save You a Spot in Jetset Lifestyle

VIP Station – 5 Brands That Will Save You a Spot in Jetset Lifestyle

It’s not easy sometimes to find yourselves in the middle of many options when it comes to investment. In order to deciding something that will last and will increase as time goes by, you need to revisit your taste. Is it style and flair that you’re looking for? Or is it just a pure pleasure and aesthetic, with a hint of prestige in it? If style and design are the number one consideration for you, then these brands should help you start your investment.

1. Hermes


The Birkin bags are dubbed as the safest investment you can make in a long run, because it’s getting better with time in terms of the steady increase on the price. Imagine you’re buying one now, and resell it five years from now, how much will you gain in addition to your initial purchase price?

2. Chanel


Chanel 2.55 bag is a part of history as set by the legendary Coco Chanel. If you appreciate aesthetic so much it reflects in your lifestyle choice, Chanel is the brand to pick-up. Purchase the Chanel 2.55 flap bag with its signature quilted leather for your love of fashion and timelessness.

3. Prada


The Prada’s empire is still standing the test of time and its Saffiano leather bag is definitely one of its most precious commodities to collect. The Italian brand is known for its leatherwork and fashion products that always set the tone for what is trending.

4. Gucci


Another Italian brand that has served women and its discerning taste in fashion is Gucci. A fresher approach to sporty, luxurious fashion product, Gucci’s versatility is still its most selling quality. Its signature bags and Bamboo collection has created a loyal fans worldwide.

5. Rolex


The ultimate jetset status is confirmed with Rolex safely hanging around your wrist. Any kind of Rolex has the ability to put you on the map of luxury lifestyle, and somehow has an effect of privileged access. From Rolex Daytona to Rolex Seamaster, to Rolex Submariner and Rolex Datejust, each piece is iconic on its own and will boost your pride almost immediately.

To get your hands exclusively on these world class brands, make sure you visit Find yourselves endless numbers of fashion and lifestyle choices, and see yourselves fluently speak Prada, Chanel, Rolex, even Cartier. Collect the items that are delivered directly from Europe, where the headquarters and the center of productions are located. With four main stores built for direct access in Hong Kong, you can either opt for online shopping or walk-in shopping. With VIP Station, get that coveted VIP lifestyle just a click away!


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VIP Station – 5 Brands That Will Save You a Spot in Jetset Lifestyle

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